Cancel culture is in full force and is sweeping the world like cancer it is. Dr. Seuss and the former spuds that were Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are the latest victims. Unfortunately, a large number of companies and people are giving in to this insanity. The question I have is…what is the limit to cancel culture?

Many want to say that it is merely human decency and it is correcting historic wrongs. I say this is relative morality at its core. By stating that the there is no objective morality, you open pandora’s box to the inevitable chaos that ensues. There can be no final destination or objective because everything is subjective. There is no limit. If someone is angry or offended it means they are justified. Objectivity has no place.

We have lost our way. Our society only believes in the morals they are angry about. Keith Olbermann recently tweeted “Why are we wasting vaccinations on Texas if Texas has decided to join the side of the virus?” In his mind, because he is angry that Texas made a decision to remove a mask mandate, that Texans are apparently not worthy of a vaccine. He thinks vaccines should be canceled for Texas. Anger justifies that means.

Where does this all end? The sad reality is it doesn’t. People are people and will say and do stupid things from time to time. Are we going to cancel everything? It’s simply not possible to eradicate hatred from our society in this way. It is totalitarian to think we can. We cannot force people to believe things by force. History has shown that has never ended well.

This is our generation’s book burning. It didn’t work for Nazi Germany and it will not go over well here either. The idea of cancel culture is cancer that must be removed from our society. It will lead to the erosion of rights and the downfall of our nation. If all we have to base our culture on is emotions then we have no culture, we have what Hobbes called war. The lack of any objective protections or arbitration. It is injustice in its purest form to subject our society to the whimsical tyranny of emotion.

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Are There Limits to Cancel Culture?

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