Jake Billings

Jake Billings
Software Engineer and Linguist
Programming Skills
Linux Administration
K'iche Maya
Malware Detection
Application Architecture

I am a naturally inquisitive person with a great passion for religion, ancient history, linguistics, and mathematics. I love being able to uncover patterns and derive meaning from ancient texts. I have focused my computational studies on Mesoamerican and Near Eastern languages which has given me a unique insight into the Book of Mormon and ancient scripture. In addition, my strengths in mathematics and computer science within linguistics assists me in analyzing ancient scriptures and notice patterns that can only be seen in the aggregate. I have immensely enjoyed educating young minds through internship programs and lecturing in Guatemala and know that my faith and unique skill set can give students a deeper understanding of religious texts.

During my career I have worked in a number of different roles that have helped me understand the overall software development process.  These roles include, project manager, senior developer, Linux administrator, technical sales consultant, security officer and company owner. Working within these roles has given me an in-depth understanding  of best practices in software development.

Within those roles I have implemented strong coding standards to reduce development life cycles and speed up time to production of the software being created. I’ve cleaned hacked sites and created security plugins to maintain secure software and track where intruders may be compromising a server.  I’ve set up many Linux servers for security, efficiency and speed.  I look at things from an owners perspective of trying to reduce time, effort and cost while increasing profits.  I do all this while keeping up with the latest trends in programming and maintaining a high standard of coding.

I offer a strong aptitude for learning new technologies, and a proven track record of meeting aggressive goals. My most notable skills include:

Software Development: I have solid knowledge of PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Python and Java. My specialties are in E-Commerce(specifically Magento 1 & 2), CMS(WordPress) and security within PHP applications.  I love working on hacked sites and enjoy very much finding how the intruder got in and then fixing those exploitations.

Project Management: I have been successful in providing high-level technical direction to drive projects from conception and design through QA and deployment.

Communication Skills: I am comfortable communicating with technical and non-technical people throughout the company in order to complete projects and achieve organizational goals.

PhD in Mesoamerican Studies (2025)
UNAM- Mexico City, Mexico2025

Research Topic: Algorithms for plotting people migrations in the epigraphic record

PhD in Computational Linguistics (2025)
Universidad Complutense – Madrid, Spain2025

Research Topic: Algorithms for plotting people migrations in Epigraphic record

Universidad Francisco Marroquín – Guatemala City, Guatemala2018 – 2021

My focus was computational methods of mining data within historical linguistics.  My Master’s thesis is a study of how to computationally determine the influence of Christianity on the K’iche Mayan texts of the Popol Wuj and the Title of the Lords of Totonicapan.

Middle Eastern Studies
University of Utah – Utah, USA2005-2016

I studied language, politics, and religion as part of an overall understanding of the Middle east.  My language specialty was Biblical Hebrew.

Research and Accomplishments

La influencia de la Theologia Indorum sobre los textos del Kʼicheʼ Maya(The influence of the Theologia Indorum on K’i’che Mayan texts )” 

A master’s thesis on the analysis of authorship and influence of the Christian influence of the Theologia Indorum (Theology of Indians) by Domingo de Vico on the texts of the Popol Wuj, and the Title of the Lords of Totonicapan.

Internship Program Coordinator

Created an intern program in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala for students learning computer science in high school which provided real world experience and taught them new programming skills.

Field Work in Mayan Phonetics

Focused on linguistic phonetic studies from 2015 to present ion the Mayan people 

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints MissionaryServed in the Santiago, Dominican Republic mission from 2002 to 2005.