It’s been very obvious that Dr. Anthony Fauci has been authoritative in his approach. He has championed lockdowns, social distancing, masks, and a host of other things that have been shown to have little if any impact on the spread of COVID-19. This week he went full on authoritarian when he said

But one of the problems that we have there is that the principle of a court overruling a public health judgment by a qualified organization like the CDC is disturbing in the precedent in might send

Dr. Anthony Fauci

That is a dangerous thing to say. The reason it is dangerous is because he is implying that an unelected bureaucrat should set laws that the government cannot override. Either Fauci does not understand the Constitution and the limits it sets on people like him or he just doesn’t believe that they are important. I believe the latter is the correct assumption. He, and authoritarians like him, often look at the Constitution as a hinderance to their perceived progress.

I believe that in challenging this order they are likely setting the stage for a usurping of the constitution via bureaucracy. If the courts delegate edicts that have full force of the law to bureaucracies it will set the stage for a myriad of emergencies and emergency use scenarios.

Last year guns were floated as a public health emergency by the CDC. Why the Center for DISEASE control should have any say in gun violence is beyond me but the point remains that they did in fact push for this and wanted to take measures to correct it.

If the courts side with the CDC it will fundamentally shift the balance of government. Congress will no longer have power over laws. We see more authoritarian people like Fauci step up and dictate what is “good” public policy regardless of facts. This will degrade our republic a great deal.

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The dangerous reason I believe the CDC won’t back down

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