Now that Joe Biden is now the President of the United States I think it is appropriate to reflect back on the last four years. It was a bumpy ride. One that I would not like to live again. For what it is worth here is my take on the last four years.

I was OK with a lot of the policies that Trump put forth. Many people were upset with him building the wall. I am not one of those people. The wall, I believe, is an essential part of security. Cartels routinely use the open border to smuggle people and themselves into the USA. The human trafficking that exists is terrible, not just from an immigration point of view but also because it is dangerous. People are routinely killed, raped, and injured coming across the border.

I was OK getting out of the Paris agreement. Not that I am against environmental regulations or even a pact in general. I was against it for two reasons. First, these types of pacts should be ratified through congress, not entered into solely by the President. Congress should approve these types of measures. They should be debated. Second, I don’t think that the agreement itself will do much to curb environmental problems. It is more virtue signaling than actual work. It’s the same way I feel about the United Nations. They really don’t do anything. Speaking of not doing anything, my next point is the rhetoric from the left.

For years the left and their allies have painted a picture of Donald Trump as a racist, homophobe, and generally a bad person. I think this was the only card they could play. I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016. I didn’t like his rhetoric. I didn’t feel it was worthy of the presidency. Neither was Hillary Clinton. Many like to point out that Trump believed and pushed a narrative that the election was stolen. People seem to forget that Hillary Clinton did the same thing. The democrats did the same thing and used the impeachment process as a political tool to remove Trump from office.

The democrats pushed racial narratives and encouraged violence by their non-action. They allowed radicals to take over parts of a city. They never condemned the violence as they told Trump to do. The double standard by many democrats used to support the protest of Black Lives Matter but at the same time condemning people for protesting shutdowns because they spread COVID-19 was appalling.

People still continue with the narrative that Trump mocked a reporter because of his disability. This is demonstrably false. Yet they still spew the lie. The nerve of democrats to call for deprogramming of Trump supporters without even acknowledging their radical position is the height of hypocrisy.

For four years I have been trying to tell people to be rational and objective. By doing this people have been upset with me and accused me of being a Trump enabler. This has not been the case. Unfortunately, their hate for Trump outweighs the desire to be rational and that is causing a rift. The division in the USA has become so great that we are seeing the start of a parallel society, segregation if you will. One in which services are denied to people not based on what they are asked to engage in(Baker’s and gay cakes) but on ideology. Amazon has denied service to Parler and other services based on ideology. Twitter often suppresses conservative viewpoints as does Facebook while allowing hate to spew from the left. We are starting to see alternative services are being built. Alternatives to social media, alternatives to banking services, and alternatives to internet service providers.

This will continue unless we eradicate the hatred of one ideology over another. This is not a left or a right issue. It is a humanity issue. It can’t be solved in Washington. Unfortunately, I fear we are too late. Too many people are too far gone and the only possible resolution might be secession. I certainly hope that is not the case. Trump was no picnic, but if you ignore the action and rhetoric of the left, you are just as bad.

My thoughts on the Trump Presidency and our nation going forward

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