Family has been on my mind again. This week we had some of the neighborhood youth over to our house for dinner. We sat down at the dinner table and ate and conversed about different things. A couple days past and my wife conveyed that one of the boys told her how much he had enjoyed the dinner. It wasn’t just the food he enjoyed though.

He told my wife that he enjoyed how we were together as a family and how we conversed with each other. He mentioned that in his household they never did that. His father hardly pays attention to him and when his father is home he is usually drunk.

It made me think of the little things in life that make a big difference like sitting down to dinner. I had never really thought that it would be so significant to a teenager. Of course, I offered to have them over to our house whenever he wanted.

It’s hard to watch the disintegration of the family. It’s hard to see the problems that arise in children from absent parents or from vices that distance and damage individuals. For those struggling with vices of any kind please seek help. There is no shame in getting professional help. I never think bad about someone trying to improve themselves. In fact, I think just the opposite. I rejoice when people repent and seek help.

Our family structure and knowledge are the only things that we will take with us after we depart from this life. It’s worth every effort to strengthen our families. I’m inspired by people that even in divorce are still dedicated to their children and make every effort for their well being.

There is nothing more important than family. Please do not let your family slip away.

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