On January 1st I made the decision to get off of soda of every kind. I drank two sodas a day for a couple of years. I went completely cold turkey. I have pretty strong will power when I put my mind to something and was certain that once I got over the initial withdrawal symptoms I would be fine.

The first week was terrible. I had headaches, no energy, I couldn’t focus on a thing. It was bad. The second week I started taking a vitamin B vitamin and it helped a lot with the lack of energy. That was the main reason I drank soda was for caffeine content. It allowed me to be more focused.

I’m happy to say that going into week three it has been so much easier. The cravings are gone. I have more energy. I’m not sure that I am less irritable(ask my wife). I’ve started some better habits that hopefully will serve me in the future.

I have been walking a lot more at night to tire myself out but also to get the ideas out of my head that often plagues me when trying to sleep. I think that alone has helped a lot. I’m going to start biking in the morning. I’ve tried running and I absolutely cannot stand it. But I do enjoy biking a lot and with a lot of places to explore around the area, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

All in all I am doing much better. I still have a ways to go but this is definitely a start.

An update to my battle with soda

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